The Bayou Boyz Story

Superlatives abound when describing the Bayou Boyz, but one that keeps popping up is “fearless”. Their approach to the Great American Songbook is adventurous and, often, daring. They are more than a band, given the impressive lineup of musicians often joining them on a weekly basis. Their approach to music is to let it become what it will be, to savor the outcome, as well as its ingredients; they are the roux to a potful of musical gumbo, rich and flavorful.


The analogy is apt, particularly with the legendary Lloyd Jones thrown into the mix. An early inductee into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Lloyd is an acclaimed artist with fans that include Delbert McClinton, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, and Curtis Salgado. In fact, the Bayou Boyz grew out of a weekly gig with Lloyd, known as Soul Cookin’, whose bass player, David Kahl, pulled together a group around Lafayette, Louisiana native, keyboardist and singer, Steve Kerin. The guitar position has seen some rotation, over the years, with the dynamic and gifted player, Jimmy Russell, taking on those duties for a good five years, now. Jimmy is known for his eclectic collaborative efforts with some world-renowned artists, which makes him a great fit for this group. A veritable family of fantastic, deeply respected drummers and percussionists hold that position, beginning with the dynamic Brian Foxworth and Edwin Coleman III, and including Don Worth, Dennis Dove, Shook Matthew, and Les Hutchinson. There are times when you'll find more than one of them sharing duties on the same show. What's more, all of the great artists the Bayou Boyz have worked with continue to collaborate on special projects; people like Lloyd Jones, Dan Berkery, Kris Deelane, Arietta Ward, and Ty Curtis add some exciting potentials to the mix.


The Bayou Boyz run the gamut of Blues, Funk, Swamp Pop, and Second Line, familiar stuff, and always with a twist. They believe that attitude is everything, that Life, though full of challenges and even disappointment, is still full of reasons to celebrate. Especially in these trying times, a little affirmation goes a long way and, when it comes to that, the Bayou Boyz have a truckload.


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