The Bayou Boyz Family -- Links

The Bayou Boyz are not a band in the conventional sense. We are a family of musicians, connected to others, either directly or through individual involvement in various projects, musical units, and special events. Our aim is to provide our audiences more opportunities to check out some of our favorite people, just to give them an idea of the musical range of our members, their tastes, and talents.

In some instances, we may, out of necessity, attempt to glean and aggregate information -- video/streaming links, music sharing platforms, social media, news items and articles; we know a lot of musicians, venues, and industry service providers, even if it's bit-by-bit. We're here to lift each other, by whatever means we have.

We will, all things willing, offer our own introductions to each of these artists, just so you can explore with a somewhat informed mind. Our own minds can also use some prodding. If you recall seeing or hearing any of us with anyone noteworthy, feel free to mention them in the Contact form, below this section. If you have photos, videos, or other things to share, let us know. Thanks!

As with any good piece of music, this is an ongoing endeavor. The list will never be complete, but it'll always be interesting!

Lloyd Jones Music

Tevis Hodge Jr | Blues

Ty Curtis - Official Website

Kris Deelane

Kivett Bednar

Biography – Mark Shark (

Steve Kerin Portland Piano Man - New Orleans Schooled

Terry Robb | American Roots & Blues

Official site of The Quick & Easy Boys | Yeah Bud! (

Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band (

HOME | Swampthang (